Foreign Participants


17-19 September 2014

Moscow, Russia

The International scientific conference

«Precarisation: Peculiarity and Generality with due regard for integrating efforts by State and Public Society»



The international scientific and practical conference.

Precarisation: Peculiarity and Generality with due regard for integrating efforts by State and Public Society is being held in Moscow in September, 17-19, 2014

The program of the Conference foresees plenary sessions, work-shops and Round table meetings.

In the course of plenary sessions the foreign scientists-coordinators of the European social net group Social uncertainty, pracarity, inequality (SUPI/) Dr. R.D.Hepp (Germany) and Prof. m.Riccery-General Secretary of the institute of political, economic and social research (Italy) will present their reportsPrecarity: Peculiarity and Generality with due consideration of the efforts by state and society and Employment instability: differences and similarity - comparison of precarisation's formsaccordingly; Dr.Alexander Sieg:Precarisation in Germany and Great Britain – two unequal same; Dr.Yana Milev:Propaganda and Precarity: The precarious consequences of Mediocracy in Society;the reports from the Russian side Prof. V.N.Bobkov-General Director, All Russian Centre of Living Standard PLC, Precarity in the Russian Federation: peculiarities, dimentions and social consequences, Mr. V. Rozhkov Vice Director, Departament of labour and employment of the Moscow population Employment problems of population in a big megapolice, Prof. Z.Golenkova Vice-Director, Institut of Sociology, RAS, New layers in the social structure of the society and their adaptation, Prof. R. Kolosova-Deputy Dean of the Economic Department, M.V. Lomonosov university, topic: Economic aspects of precarity: impact of the state and society on them

Two Round Tables

in Moscow State University (Economic Departmnent) with theme to be discussed Economic aspects of unstable employment: impact of the state and society on them

in the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences with the theme for discussion: Social vulnerability and social transformation in the labour world

The Graz round-table meeting will sum up the work done by SUPI after the Graz Conference (Austria) in 2013 and tasks for the future)

Also a Presentation of the book on precarisation being issued by the international body of authors headed by P.Hermann (Italy), and a cultural program.

Concluding arrangements: Plenary session to sum up the results of the elaborations, the views for development of futher cooperation with the European net group (SUPI) and Moscow sight seeing.

During the conference will be the presentation of the book.

  • Peter Herrmann,
  • Viacheslav Bobkov,
  • Judit Csoba

Labour Market and Precarity of Employment

Theoretical Reflections and Empirical Data from Hungary and Russia



The book reflects with heterogenous contributions - one presenting purely theoretical reflections, the other two looking more focussed on the empirical side: in Hungary and Russia - on precarity. It is of some special significance that the empirical contributions are not looking at the countries of the traditional core of capitalism.

Together, the contributions aim on enhancing the debate on precarity, with their special significance that they go beyond the standard deviations. This opens in particular in theoretical perspective an outlook that pushes thinking beyond the drive of reestablishing normalities of a supposed past welfare glory.

Each person, who wants to buy the book, can make a pre-order(send email to [email protected]) and purchase the book at the conference with 50% discount

Social Vulnerability of Workers and Society Caused by Unstable Employment

Vyacheslav N. Bobkov, Olesya V. Veredyuk

The article was published in the journal “Living Standarts of the Population in the Regions of Russia”, 6(184), June 2013, pp. 7-11

The participants of the Conference have a chance to purchase:

1. "Social Policy, Standard and Quality of Life". Dictionary edited by V. N. Bobkov. 428 p. 2014.

2. Peter Herrmann, Viacheslav Bobkov, Judit Csoba. Labour Market and Precarity of Employment Theoretical Reflections and Empirical Data from Hungary and Russia. Monograph.264 p. 2014.

3. V.N. Bobkov, O.V. Veredyuk, R.P. Kolesova, T.O. Razumova "Employment and Social Precarity in Russia: Introduction and Analys". Monograph. 2014.

4. "Living Standard of the Population in the Regions of Russia"-Scientific and Practical Journal of the All Russia Centre of Living Standard PLC, Special Edition 3 with publications on the Conference problematic, 2014.

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